There’s no point shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. That’s why it’s better to prevent IT problems rather than fix them.

Preventative maintenance and reporting

“We know about issues and fix them before you do” That is the core point of difference when working with Nastech IT Solutions. We have developed an application that monitors all your PC’s, Servers, Routers and Peripherals in real-time so we are alerted if something is about to go wrong that we can fix before it happens or if it is sudden, we are already on to it before you even have to call our Service Desk.

Proactive maintenance

The heart of our proactive IT support service is a regular site visit – called a “Rotation Day”. Our qualified support engineers come to your premises to check over all of your IT systems and make sure they’re working properly and will stay that way. Rotation days also give you someone there for you to talk to, raise issues and get advice on how to make the most of your business IT services and software.

Our service desk

Behind the proactive service is our service desk, offering unlimited telephone and remote business IT support with coverage ranging from normal working hours to 24/7/365 depending on your needs. Based exclusively in South Africa, our team sticks to exactly the same standards of jargon-free service as our engineers.

Our unique warranty

We firmly believe in the quality of our work – so much so that we have a unique guarantee. If you have a business-critical issue that we could have prevented, we’ll have someone on-site within four working hours at no extra charge to you.

"IT solutions to improve your productivity"

Nastech IT Solutions can develop, preserve and restore your technology infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

You can trust our certified staff – they will help you keep your costs down, and your productivity high, whether your business requires a minor computer repair or a comprehensive network design.